2021 Adult Fixtures & Results

1st XI   2nd XI   Sunday  
Sat 17-Apr Harwich – Nowton    lost by 136 runs H No Fixture      
Sat 24-Apr  Harwich – Brockley    lost by 123 runs H Eight Ash Green II – Harwich II Lost by 44 runs A    
Sat 01-May Witham II –  Harwich   lost by 9 wickets Harwich II – Tendring    lost by 59 runs 
Sat 08-May Worlington II – Harwich    cancelled due to weather A Harwich II – Woodbridge   cancelled due to weather H    
Sun 09-May Harwich – Wivenhoe     lost by 7 wickets 
Sat 15-May Coggeshall II – Harwich 

lost by 8 wickets

A Harwich II – Maldon 

lost by 10 wickets

Sun 16-May         Gt Bromley – Harwich lost by 97 runs A
Sat 22-May Harwich – Nacton lost by 10 wickets  H Colchester Cavaliers – Harwich II Lost by concession  A    
Sat 29-May Wivenhoe II – Harwich lost by 123 runs  Harwich II – Ipswich II lost by 10 wickets  H
Sun 30-May Abberton – Harwich lost by 6 wickets  A
Sat 05-Jun Harwich – Eight Ash Green   Lost by 5 wickets H Nacton II – Harwich II Lost by 47 runs A    
Sat 12-Jun Harwich – Ipswich & East Suffolk lost by 6 wickets  Copford II – Harwich II Lost by 185 runs   A
Sun 13-Jun Ardleigh – Harwich won by 87 runs 
Sat 19-Jun Harwich – Halstead II 

cancelled due to weather

H West Bergholt II – Harwich II 

cancelled due to weather

Sun 20-Jun         IPSCOL – Harwich 

cancelled due to weather

Sat 26-Jun Harwich – Mildenhall III Lost by 64 runs H    
Sat 03-Jul Nowton – Harwich Won by 7 wickets Harwich II – West Bergholt II

Lost by 9 wickets

Sat 10-Jul Brockley – Harwich lost by 8 wickets A Harwich II – Eight Ash Green II 

lost by 7 wickets

Sun 11-Jul Harwich – Gt Bromley lost by 44 runs  H
Sat 17-Jul Harwich – Witham II lost by 7 wickets  H  Tendring – Harwich II lost by 159 runs
Sat 24-Jul Harwich – Worlington II H Woodbridge – Harwich II    
Sun 25-Jul         Harwich – Ardleigh H
Sat 31-Jul Harwich – Coggeshall II H Maldon III – Harwich II A    
Sun 01-Aug         Wivenhoe – Harwich A
Sat 07-Aug Nacton – Harwich  A Harwich II – Colchester Cavaliers H    
Sun 08-Aug         Harwich – Mistley H
Sat 14-Aug Harwich – Wivenhoe II H Ipswich II – Harwich II A    
Sun 15-Aug Harwich – IPSCOL 
Sat 21-Aug Eight Ash Green – Harwich A Harwich II – Nacton II H    
Sun 22-Aug         Harwich – Abberton H
Sat 28-Aug Ipswich & East Suffolk – Harwich A Harwich II – Copford II H    
Sat 04-Sep Halstead II – Harwich   A    
Sat 11-Sep Mildenhall III – Harwich A H    
Sun 12-Sep         Frinton – Harwich  A
Sun 19-Sep Harwich – Frinton H