2nd XI Squad – Mini Profiles

Skipper – Nick Stevens / RHB / Wicket-Keeper / Nickname(s): Roger, Nicko, The Short Ginger One

Skipper extraordinaire, Roger was the top run scorer in the team last year and 4th in the league. He topped that with best keeper in all of Division Nine. Earned the biggest cheer at presentation night when he picked up his awards and that shows how much he is liked down the club. He doubles his skippering up with being Bar Manager (or should I say supports his wife Louise in running the bar). Has a very close friendship with….

Vice-Captain – Paul Grubb / RHB / RS / Nickname(s): Grubby, Gruber

….this man. Paul and Nick almost have a sixth sense when they are together, I think that’s because they spend so much of the week what’s apping each other. Although occasionally nicknamed Gruber he is more akin to Bruce Willis in Die Hard, no not because of his good looks or charm, but due to the receding hairline (he won’t like me for that joke) and also because he can sometimes bowl a ball like a grenade. Joking aside Paul is a key figure in the 2nd XI with bat and ball and also he runs the Youth Section, which has been vital to the 2nd XI over the last few years.