1st XI Squad – Mini Profiles

Skipper – Lee Davis / RHB / RM / Nickname(s): Davo, MBK, Leo, College, John Tickle, Dickie…the list goes on!

All gear with some idea, Lee has captained every club side from youth through to 1st XI and is now enjoying his second spell as 1st XI Captain. Made his adult debut in 1996 and 1st XI debut in 1998, he occasionally scores the odd run and takes the odd wicket if he actually uses himself! Although renowned for some shocking fielding errors, he surprisingly finds himself most of the time at slip (skipper’s prerogative!). As of November 2017 he is also the club Chairman.

Vice- Captain – Steve Bushell / RHB / LMF/ Nickname(s): Stevo, Bushy, Golden Child, Golden Arm

Opening bowler and middle order batsmen, who is one of the weird few who bats right handed but bowls left handed. He can bend a ball bigger than Beckham and has, after all these years, finally managed to add an inswinger into his locker. 2017 1st XI Player of the year and one of the first on the team sheet, but could do with putting more effort in the field

Brandon Carter / RHB / OB / Nickname(s): Brando, Marlon

2017 was his breakthrough season in the 1st XI. Opening the batting, he took his chance and was top scorer with 4 50s including the Performance of the Season, 95no to win the game vs Earl Stonham. Likes to think he can bowl a bit too, chipping in with the odd wicket. Good fielder although no game would be the same without a token Brandon dive for no reason at gully or backward point

Adeel Abbas / LHB / LS / Nickname(s): Del, Deely, Lala

Some say he has travelled back through time to help Harwich rise up the leagues, others in the know, know that he travels instead from Ilford, which is still a long way to come!. 1st XI Player of the year for the last 2 seasons and is such a key player for the team. Left hand bat who loves to play his shots, left arm round spinner who has the quickest ball in the club, he also has a decent pair of hands…is there anything he can’t do I hear you ask??, turn up on time 🙂

Garry Moors / RHB / Nickname(s): Moose, Moorsy

(To the tune of Freed from Desire) – Oh Garry Moors he keeps on hitting 4’s it’s Garry Moors…

Garry is the longest serving member of the club, life member and current President. He has been involved in everything the club has done. Most of the older players were either coached by him or captained by him at one time. He is still churning out 50’s for the 1st XI and is one of the most liked members in the club, even though he supports Man U!

Mark Barwood / RHB / Nicknames(s): Barsy, Village

Makes most village cricketers look professional, Mark is a mercurial talent who can win a game in the blink of an eye. Has played some masterful knocks over the years, just don’t field him behind the stumps as his reactions are going in his old age. He is also one of those annoying people who is good at every sport he plays..not jealous at all

Richard Bushell / RHB / RFM / Keeper / Nickname(s): Richie

Richie is one of the quietest players in the club, virtually never says anything on or off the field and has no competitive bone in his body…….Middle-order bat, who can turn his arm over and generate decent bounce due to his height. He is also a very decent wicket-keeper who has saved the skipper’s good looks with one hand twice in recent games

Jamie King / RHB / RF/ Nicknames(s): JK, Kinga, Ringsting, Triple H, Harwich Express

Basher with the bat, pace bowler with the ball. JK can and has batted in every position for the 1st XI. Made his debut in the mid 90’s he has been away and come back, but is still scoring runs and taking wickets. Used as a death bowler, when not opening. A winter of racquetball will see him come back even fitter and stronger for 2018….

Arron Bilton / RHB / RM / Nicknames(s): Billy, Bilts, Bicton

…..which is what we hope this man will also be doing. One of the leading run scorers in the last 10 years, Arron came up through the youth team and is a regular opening bat and gun fielder when fit. Sadly he missed nearly all of 2017 with a knee injury but we hope he recovers soon, especially because he loves a bit of dancefloor action

Mark Davies / RHB / RMF / Nicknames(s): Stacks, Stacka

The man, the myth, the legend that is Stacks. Always vocal in the field and comes up with some of the best cricketing banter. Another player who has been around since the 90’s, wizard with ball in hand still as proven vs Yoxford the season just gone. A very underestimated lower order bat too who is possibly the hardest batsman in the side to get out. The changing room is always better for having Stacks around


Sam Felgate / RHB / Wicket-Keeper / Nickname(s): Felly, Felchy

One of the best wicket-keepers the club has seen in the last 20 years and also a very attacking opening bat who skippered the side prior to Lee Davis. Annoyingly (for the club) he is also a very good goalkeeper, who plays at a decent standard and so, when the footy season begins, the club loses a vital player. Proven again last season when in just 6 games he scored nearly 200 runs at an average of over 30. Another product of the youth system at Harwich, he is another player who lifts the changing room

Sudhin Kalemadu / RHB / RFM / Nickname(s): Sud

One of the fastest bowlers in the club, for all of 3 overs. The Sud spell is known for being short and sharp. Batsmen would be wise not to take a run to his arm either but that’s if he can stop the ball first :-). Capable of scoring a quick fire 20-30 that can take the game away from a side, Sud is also one of the most liked players in the club

Cameron Rose / RHB / RM / Nickname(s): Cam, Cammo

Broke into the side this season and averaged 20 with the bat. Deservedly won Fielder of the year as it is a rare sight that Cam makes a mistake in the field. At 16 he is definitely one of the 1st XI players of the future

Harvey Bennett / RHB / OB / Nickname(s): Harvs

Harvey made his 1st XI debut last season at only 13 years of age and took his first wicket in the same game. One of the clubs brightest prospects, he will hope to continue his progression in 2018

James Carver-Hardy / RHB / RM / Nickname(s): TBC

James also made his 1st XI debut last season and performed well, he will be looking to progress this season and take opportunities when they arise

Alan Double / RHB/ Nickname(s): Al, Dubsy

One of the more senior players now :-), Alan is a product of the club’s youth system and over the years has produced some fine innings in the middle order, handy in the field Alan also adds a decent level of banter to help keep up morale when the chips are down

Adam Eldridge / RHB / Nickname(s): Spanner

Adam’s main sport is Rugby (where he earned his nickname) but thankfully, he came back onto the cricketing scene last year, adding a different dimension in the field and to the lower batting order, scoring quick important runs. Possibly has the biggest hands in the club which he uses to stop any ball that goes near him!

Tommy Armstrong / RHB / LOB / Nickname(s): Gunn

Former 1st XI Captain who once scored a 100 and took 5 wickets in the same game, which is some achievement. Other commitments have meant he has not played too many games recently, but we hope to see the Gunn back in action in 2018