Chairman’s 5-Year Vision

Chairman’s Vision

• Offer the highest standard of cricket possible to the local community, more specifically:
a. 1st XI promotion to Division 4 in 2018
b. Achieve promotion to Division 3 by 2020
c. Achieve promotion to Division 2 by 2022
d. 2nd XI to achieve one promotion in the next 5 seasons but continue to develop youngsters for 1st XI
e. Sunday Team achieve 2 top half finishes in 5 seasons and be mainly aimed at youth players, but also offer cricket to those who cannot play Saturdays
f. Continue to offer youth team cricket for as many age groups as possible.

• Offer structured professional coaching for youngster throughout the season
• Increase player membership by 20% in 5 years (additional 10 members)
• Install regularly attended practice nights for adults and ensure all adult players arrive 1 hour before games unless advised to Captain’s beforehand
• Continue to run the Primary School Kwik Cricket tournament
• Continue building links with local schools
• Hold at least 2 cricket weeks in the next 5 seasons

• 1 event per month for next 5 years (for members and non-members)
• Within 5 years have at least 2 formal dinners/events for members and sponsors only
• Increase social membership to 50 by 2022
• Link with all main sports and social clubs by 2022 to work together and jointly promote
• Be a part of two external community events each year (Carnival and Tour de Tendring for example)
• Links with local businesses to help jointly promote
• Hold the annual family fun day each year
• Set-up or bring back a Darts Team
• Set-up an annual Darts event at the club

• Car Park upgrade – 2018
• Gates and fencing for nets – 2018
• Decorate club – 2018 and upkeep annually
• Windows and doors upgrade – 2018
• Electrics in cellar upgrade – 2018

• Promote a family friendly atmosphere